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When it comes to iPhone docks, there are many choices available but we do have a list of both must-haves and nice-to-haves to go by. It is hard to find a single product that fulfils everything on our list but the new docks for the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 6 and 6 Plus comes very, very close.

Items on our must-have list that docks has hit the nail on the head include easy and single-handed docking and undocking, support for iPhones with and without a case and allow for the use of the headphone cable even when docked. And on the nice-to-have list, the dock has the ability to be used in both portrait and landscape mode, has a stylish design that blends in well with the design of the iPhone and the Lightning cable comes included.

docks for iPhone 6S / 6S Plus is the only premium charging dock with a sleek design AND functionality. docks is precisely CNC machined from solid billet aluminium and is available in three different finishings – gold, black, or silver. It looks stunning next to your other desktop hardware.

docks holds your iPhone at the ideal viewing angle in both portrait or landscape orientations. Another useful feature of docks is that it has a speaker chamber cut-out which aligns with your iPhone’s internal speaker when docked. This allows for passive audio amplification without the need for any electronics or battery power.

docks works with most iPhone cases with the included soft moulded rubber back supports which easily snap on magnetically to match your case size. Should you decide to add, remove or even change your iPhone case, you can rest assured that it will still snugly fit into docks.

The bottom of docks uses a residue free micro-suction material which secures docks to most surfaces for one-handed docking and undocking.

docks for iPhone is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. If you are still hunting for that perfect iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/6S Plus dock, your search may very well have ended.

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