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Keep Hydrated with the Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle

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Drinking enough water is important for our body as it helps keep our bodies hydrated. We need to replace the liquids we lost when we exercise or when we spend the day under the blazing sun. That is why most people keep a bottle of water or other drinking liquids handy but once you have emptied the bottle, it becomes a nuisance as it takes up space. Disposable bottles are also bad for the environment, even the recyclable ones. Now, you can keep hydrated with the Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle and not worry about storing an empty bottle or damaging the environment.

When empty, the Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle is collapsible to a height of 2 inches and takes up very little space in your bag or when storing in a drawer. It is BPA and PVC free and meets or exceeds FDA & EU regulations. It is dishwasher safe and naturally anti-fungal.

The Stash bottle features a molded top and bottom that snaps together so you can easily store and transport them. When you want to fill it up, all you have to do is squeeze the base to release both halves and lengthen the bottle to full size. The full size Stash bottle holds up to 750ml of water.

The Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle is RF welded so you are ensured of a superior bond at molecular level which means no leaks at the seams. It is the ideal companion for any camping, adventure, or for everyday use. It is available in five vibrant colors to choose from. Since it is collapsible, you do not have to worry that it will take a lot of space on your backpack or bag. Now you can easily quench your thirst any time with the Hydrapak Stash Water Bottle.
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The Hydrapak Stash with innovative molded top and bottom snaps together for easy storage. To use, simply squeeze to release, remove screw-cap, and fill.

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