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Cardstick Ruler Stickers Turn your Credit Cards into Rulers

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It is always handy to have a ruler with you all the time. You will never know when you need to make little measurements. The Cardstick Ruler Stickers wrap around the edge of a credit, debit, or any plastic card and turns it into a handy ruler. Just make sure that it does not cover the magnetic strip. The stickers come in a set of three stickers:  clear, white, and yellow.

The Cardstick Ruler Stickers is also durable and waterproof. It can withstand multiple card swipes. The decal also attaches to other devices such as your camera or your phone as long as it has a long straight edge. The sticker includes measurements in both inches and metric. It measures only 3 inches which makes it ideal for determining the exact measurement of small things but that shouldn’t stop you from making measurements of bigger items. Now you can use your credit card other than just making purchases.

So when you need to measure something in a hurry, you no longer need to make rough estimates using the distance between your stretched finger and thumb. Just whip out your Cardstick Ruler Stickers equipped credit card and make an accurate measurement. Don’t leave home without it.

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Always have a ruler in your wallet! Cardstick Ruler Stickers wraps around any credit/debit or other plastic card, and turns it into a ruler.

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