The Arcade Cabinet Cum Money Bank


The Space Invaders money bank is a money bank that is shaped like a classic arcade gaming machine that actually plays a simplified version of Space Invaders when you drop a coin into the coin slot at the top. I know it says “Earth Defenders” on the stickers but it would probably cost a bomb to license Space Invaders so I’ll forgive them for this slight over sight.

If I had one of these Space Invaders piggy bank back when I was a kid, I would have saved enough to retire by now. Serious. This plus a few other arcade favorites swallowed all my allowances plus much more (don’t ask me where the much more came from).

The Space Invaders money bank runs on two AAA batteries. Inserting a coin into the piggy bank gives you 2 minutes of play time. When the play time drops down to just 30 seconds, an alarm will sound giving you ample time to insert another coin to extend your game time. Ohhh….that is so diabolical. It is even worse than the original arcade machine.

I am going to get a few of these and totally mod them by downloading the original artwork from the original arcade cabinet and replace the “Earth Defenders” stickers, Then I’ll place them around my living room and I inviting my geek friends over. Trust me, I am going to make a fortune.


Where to Buy Space Invaders Money Bank


Space Invaders Money Bank

It’s game time. This mini replica of the old arcade machine era is here to stay. Best of all it’s also a piggy bank Just add a coin and in return, you’ll get two minutes of Space Invaders style gaming from Earth Defenders for two minutes.

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