We gadget lovers have a list of gadgets that we never leave home without. Most just put our most important gear in our pockets and dump the rest into a bag. However, if you want to travel in style and be the envy of all the other gadgeteers, you need the ScottEVest Travel Vest.

ScottEVest has been designing a special range of apparels for the tech loving crowd for years. Each ScottEVest product is designed to store a whole lot of gear without ugly bulges showing. The pockets are hidden for added security. ScottEVest also uses their Weight Management System to help distribute the weight evenly so even if you are loaded with gear like a pack mule, the ScottEVest apparel will still be comfortable.

The ScottEVest Travel Vest is a travel vest that comes with 24 hidden pockets and compartments. The vest is made from light and breathable mesh material and yet the compartments are big enough to hold a full sized iPad.  The vest is also Teflon treated to repel water and stains. It is wrinkle resistant so you will always look smart and presentable with the ScottEVest Travel Vest.

Going through airport security with the ScottEVest Travel Vest is a breeze. Just remove the vest and put it in the bin. The vest carries so much, having the ScottEVest Travel Vest is like having an extra carry on baggage.

The Travel Vest is machine washable. It comes in three different colors, Navy, Black and Khaki. For all you female gadgeteers out there, ScottEVest has got you covered as well with the ScottEVest Travel Vest for Women.


Where to Buy ScottEVest Travel Vest


ScottEVest Travel Vest

This vest’s clever design provides 24 dedicated compartments for travel documents, eyeglasses, camera, keys, pens, water bottle, phone, MP3 player, Bluetooth device, and even your iPad.

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