The Munitio NINES Earphones literally puts a bullet to your head or specifically, into your ear. Munitio is a well known audio brand that makes top quality products and the Munitio NINES are highly regarded in their range of earphone products. The NINES are housed in casings that resemble bullet casings and they don’t just look extremely cool but sound great too.

The  Munitio NINES Earphones have 9 mm speaker drivers (hence the name) encased in a solid piece of high-density copper alloy and given a titanium-coated finish. The cords are covered with Kevlar reinforced fabric for high strength but low weight protection for the audio cable inside. High quality material and top notch engineering all the way.

Munitio’s patent-pending Silicone Hollow Points tips provide a comfortable fit while isolating outside noise for better sounding music.

An inline 3-button mic controller is included for supporting Apple devices.



Where to Buy Munitio NINES Earphones


Munitio NINES Earphones

Mobile. Tactical. Performance. Audio. Munitio NINES Earphones is mobile audio tailored specifically for the diehard music lifestyle.

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Munitio NINES Earphones

The NINES are rooted in performance audio. Engineered from the inside out to offer tight, low, thundering bass and clear smooth highs for warm and enveloping sound. Buy from